Panda or a dog? The cutest pet to peekaboo on the internet; watch video

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Videos of animals are so cute that it soon wins the hearts of viewers on the internet, also these clippings often keep resurfacing on social media.


In a recent video went viral, we could see a cute animal - panda or a dog? - taking tiny moves to approach the camera and nod its head to make netizens fall in love. The video captures on screen two cute little doggos, the chows chows fluffy bread of China, enjoying their cuteness with their catwalk-ish style.

Take a look at the video, right here:

With their eye catchy black-and-white appearance and black eye patches, it holds uncanny resemblances to a panda. Several can easily mistake the animal to be one of these popular cute and fluffy cold species, however it is an endangered bear native to south central China - the chows chows.


According to reports, "panda" cafe opened in Chengdu, southwest China, also known as the home of the giant panda internationally, has been raising eyebrows for dying dogs' fur to look like a panda. Pet lovers who want a new look for their dogs or have a "mini panda" at home might need to spend 1,500 yuan (212 U.S. dollars) for the dying process for one dog.


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