Brooklyn subway shooting suspect arrested: Here's all you need to know

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Frank R. James, 62, was taken into custody in Manhattan

A man wanted in an attack on a subway train in Brooklyn that left 23 people injured, including 10 who were hit when he fired at least 33 shots with a nine mm handgun, was arrested on Wednesday, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

Frank R. James, 62, was taken into custody in Manhattan, the official said.

Investigators had announced Tuesday afternoon that they were searching for a 62-year old Black male, who was believed to have rented a van possibly connected to the violence. By Wednesday morning, New York authorities said he was a suspect in the shooting itself.

The NYPD said that Frank Robert James fired numerous gunshots inside an "N" line subway car at 36th St & 4th Ave subway station, causing serious injuries to 10 people on Tuesday at 8:30 AM.

James, wearing a neon orange vest and construction helmet, grey coloured sweatshirt and a surgical mask, was identified as the "person of interest" in the Brooklyn subway station shooting hours after the carnage unfolded in the local subway train during the rush hour morning commute Tuesday.

James was travelling on a Manhattan-bound N subway train during morning rush hour and opened two canisters that dispensed smoke throughout the subway car. He then shot "multiple" passengers as the train pulled into the 36th Street Station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Ten people - seven males, three females - were injured by gunfire and an additional 13 were either injured as they rushed to get out of the train station or they suffered smoke inhalation.

From the subway car in which James travelled, law enforcement authorities recovered his belongings - a nine-millimeter semi-automatic handgun, three extended magazines - one still in the weapon, one under a seat and one in a backpack, a hatchet, a liquid believed to be gasoline, and a bag containing consumer-grade fireworks and a key to a U-haul van. They also recovered 33 discharged shell casings, 15 bullets, five bullet fragments, and two non-detonated smoke grenades.

Detectives located the U-haul van abandoned in Brooklyn, and authorities said records show that James rented the van in Philadelphia. Police said they believe the van is "connected" to the suspect.

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