CMAT 2022: Two new sections in exam were challenging, say candidates

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The CMAT 2022 entrance exam was successfully completed on Saturday in 124 cities by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The exam consisted of five sections namely - Quantitative and Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, General Awareness, Language Comprehension, and the newly introduced Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“Overall, the test was slightly tougher than CMAT 2021. As is the case generally with CMAT, this year too, time was not a constraining factor. Some of the questions in the five sections were sitters. However, some questions in both General Awareness and Innovation and Entrepreneurship sections were challenging. They could become the decisive questions and impact the overall percentile,” said IMS Learning in their analysis of CMAT 2022.

Students told that they found the exam to be moderately easy for the most part. “I found the Logical Reasoning section to be easy as compared to General Knowledge and other sections. The exam overall was pretty moderate,” said Khushi Choithani, a candidate who is not attempting more MBA exams and is aiming for top management institutes such as JBIMS and Somaiya. The new section, ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which was added last year, was made compulsory this year and students said that questions revolving around business were added.

“Out of the 20 questions, 13 were based on Static GK. Seven questions were on current affairs. There were no RC passage-based questions this year. Questions on business, economics, management, and government schemes dominated this section. Overall, this section was difficult. 7 to 9 attempts in this section with 80% accuracy would be a good attempt,” added IMS Learning in their annual analysis.

The exam, which was conducted between 3 PM-6 PM, had 20 questions and 80 marks in each section. For every correct response, four marks will be given and one mark will be deducted for an incorrect answer, according to the guidelines set by CMAT.

“Though English and Logical Reasoning turned out to be simple and easy, Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation was always a tricky section for me and it remained the same with CMAT 2022,” said Bhavya Agrawal, a candidate from Gwalior.


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