OpsPatuk: In fresh video, Malaysian hacker group DragonForce warns India to 'watch its back'

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Mumbai: DragonForce, the hacker group that is currently spearheading a sustained cyber attack against India, released a fresh threat video on Saturday, warning India to “watch its back”.

DragonForce declared cyber-war on India on June 10 in response to some derogatory comments about Prophet Mohammed made by suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma earlier this month. Since then, at least four other hacker groups have pledged their allegiance to the group, in addition to 13,000 hackers reportedly working under DragonForce's ambit. The coalition has announced OpsPatuk, a mission to execute prolonged cyber attacks against India, 'patuk' being the Malay word for 'strike back'.

Saturday's video, a copy of which is in the Free Press Journal's possession, runs into six minutes and ends with an audio message, which says, “We are proud of what we did before and after one year, we are capable to take this to another level. We will not forget your crimes against our brothers in India and Palestine. You better watch your back and expect us.”

The “one year” reference is believed to pertain to the fact that DragonForce first registered its doman on the dark web in on June 11, 2011, almost exactly a year ago. Today, the domain has over 11,000 discussion forums and 13,000 members actively participating in its activities and discussions. DragonForce calls itself a 'hacktivist' – hacker activist – group and is a pro-Palestine group based in Malaysia.

The video released on Saturday includes a montage of news channel footage and social media videos showing various excesses against the Muslim community in India. These include razing of the houses of Muslim activists using bulldozers, lathi charges by the police on protestors and open hate speeches given by right-wingers in full public view and on camera.

“Don't you realise that for every action, there is a reaction? This is how things are, this is how our world works. It is only natural to be, to exist, to resist; it's only human to feel,” subtitles on the montage say.

The montage is followed by another collection of news videos from Indian and foreign media about OpsPatuk. The Free Press Journal had exclusively reported the extent of OpsPatuk on June 15 and June 17. Apart from the defacement of private and government websites, DragonForce and its allies have also hacked at least 30 Indian Banks and scores of Facebook accounts, and data from these hacks has been dumped on the dark web. Further, DragonForce has also invited all its members and allies to hack the official websites of the BJP and the Indian Department of Defence.

The latest Indian website to fall prey to OpsPatuk was that of the Delhi Government Railway Police (GRP), which was hacked and defaced on Saturday. DragonForce replaced the home page with a message claiming credit as well as declaring that this was part of the ongoing cyberattack.


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