India-United States to hold 1st strategic trade dialogue on June 4 & June 5

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India-United States to hold 1st strategic trade dialogue on June 4 & June 5

India and the United States will be holding the first meeting of Strategic Trade Dialogue on June 4-5 to implement outcomes of initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET) by streamlining export controls, enhancing commerce and facilitating tech transfer between two countries, stated a Hindustan Times report.

The decision to hold first strategic trade meeting was taken when US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo was in India to relaunch the bilateral commercial exchange on March 10.

IFS Vinay Kwatra to Visit US in June

Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra will be travelling to US next month and meet Under-Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez. Kwatra and Estevez will be discussing strategic trade and also glance upon last-minute preparations for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's June 22 visit to the White House where he will meet President Joe Biden.

Smoothing ITAR and EAR Hurdles for Joint Hi-Tech Production

Under the India-US engagement in the Indo-Pacific region, Kwatra will likely be tasked with ensuring the seamless navigation of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) for US companies engaging in joint production of advanced systems in India. This collaboration aims to facilitate the production of cutting-edge technologies such as aircraft engines, munitions, and armed drones.

Joint Production of F-414 Jet Engines and Armed Drones

Diplomats based in Washington and New Delhi revealed to the report that the United States is expected to approve General Electric's application for joint production of F-414 jet engines in India, specifically for the Tejas Mark II aircraft, prior to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's upcoming visit to the US.

Additionally, GE, a prominent US defense company, is in discussions with its partners in the European Union to relocate F-414 engine manufacturing to India. Moreover, the US is prepared to supply armed drones to India as a means to counter the Chinese threat posed by armed drones along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Strengthening Defense Startups and Enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness

In a bid to foster innovation and collaboration, India plans to establish an innovation bridge connecting defence startups from both countries. This initiative aims to leverage the expertise and technological advancements of Indian and US defence startups. Furthermore, India seeks US intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) technology to enhance its maritime domain awareness in the Indo-Pacific region.

Establishing Semiconductor-Resilient Supply Chains and Addressing Chinese Threat

Recognizing the growing Chinese military threat to Taiwan and its semiconductor industry, India and the US are actively collaborating to establish resilient supply chains for semiconductors within India.

This joint effort aims to address potential disruptions in the supply chain and mitigate risks associated with Chinese influence. By bolstering semiconductor production capabilities in India, both countries aim to ensure a reliable and secure supply of critical components for defense and other strategic industries.


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