WATCH: BTS’ Jin wishes love-filled Rose Day: ‘I hope ARMY will think of me a lot while waiting’

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BTS' beloved member, Jin, has once again graced us with his presence in the much-anticipated monthly rendezvous with his adoring fans. 

The sheer delight that floods our hearts upon catching a glimpse of his familiar face is as profound as it was during our very first encounter. In alignment with the celebratory spirit of Korean Rose Day.

BTS Jin shares a video on Korean Rose Day

Jin, the illustrious BTS member, has unveiled yet another captivating video clip on the esteemed BANGTANTV YouTube channel. Entitled '[n월의 석진] Message from Jin: May 2023,' which translates to 'Seokjin of the nth Month,' this luminary has faithfully upheld the tradition of his monthly check-ins.

Check out video attached below:

Jin's military duties

BTSBeyond the enthralling world of music and performance, Jin has embarked on a remarkable journey that echoes the commitment and patriotism of many.

He stands tall as the first among the septet to apply for the cancellation of his postponed military service, choosing to fulfill his mandatory duty. 

With unwavering dedication, Jin answered the call and commenced his service on the auspicious day of 13 December 2022. 

Opting for active duty, a path that typically spans 18 months, he entered the renowned Yeoncheon training grounds nestled in the northern expanse of Gyeonggi province.

Following five months of rigorous basic training, he was duly assigned to a base, eagerly embracing the responsibilities that lie ahead.

In a testament to his unwavering commitment, news emerged earlier this year that Jin had earned a well-deserved promotion to the esteemed rank of Private First Class in March.

Even amidst his service, Jin has endeavoured to keep us updated, offering glimpses of his life through sporadic social media posts and collaborations with his fellow BTS members.


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